Sunday, March 23, 2014

Southern Sundays

Faith is taken seriously in the south.  We are a people who hold faith close, knowing that, while the world may often be a dark, cold place, the words of  Julian of Norwich bring just as much comfort  today as they did in the 14th century.

 Southerners pray for daily guidance and for our loved ones.  We find comfort in our church home and believe in giving  of our time, our harvests, our talents, and our hearts.  We endeavor to live our lives as witnesses of God's grace.

Old Rugged Cross, G. Bennard, 1912
Just As I Am, C. Elliott 1835
I'll Fly Away, A. Brumley, 1929
How Great Thou Art, G. Boberg, 1885
In The Garden, C. Miles, 1912
What A Friend We Have In Jesus, J. Scriven, 1855
Softly and Tenderly, W. Thompson, 1880
Rock of Ages, A. Toplady, 1775

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