Thursday, April 10, 2014

Favorite Things

The last week has been quite difficult.  With the weight of worry stealing my sense of joy, I found myself dreading the start of each day.  In an attempt to push back the disquiet I channeled my inner Julie Andrews and wrote a list of my favorite things.

I love...

 the sound of a fine fountain pen nib scratching upon writing paper.
 to see an elegantly dressed elderly lady. 
big, white, creamy bars of soap.
 children dressed in white.

 to garden, growing vegetables and culinary herbs to nourish my family.
 old copper pots.
 the smell of pipe tobacco.

 reading good literature and history books.
 long conversations with avid readers.
 sunlight streaming through the window of my childhood bedroom.
 white, lavender-scented bed linens, stiff from being line-dried.

The Book of Common Prayer
 good bread, tupelo honey, and proper sugar cubes.
 reading old inscriptions written in lovely old books.
 seeing a dapper elderly gentleman.
 a lovely set table, ladened with wafer-thin porcelain and old coin silver.
 children with lovely table manners.

 delicate, velvety lotion
 proper, crisp, white cotton shirts.
 old-fashioned devotionals: My Utmost for His Highest.

 how the sound of a ticking clock makes a house a home.
 the King James Bible.

 fluffy, proper Southern biscuits.
 The Baptist Hymnal, 1956
 the love little girls have for horses.
 old Swedish painted furniture.
 sleep overs at my parents home; going to bed early to listen to those old, familiar sounds as I drift to sleep.

 white flowers.
 rising in the very early morning hours, lifting up my prayers of thanks for my fine family.
 the one who made me a wife.
 the three who made me a mother.

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  1. Your beautiful way with words never fails to brighten my days and inspire me.


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