Friday, May 23, 2014


With the official start of summer weeks away, southerners find ourselves beginning to dance lightly with our most constant companions...heat and humidity.  Its heavy blanketing has shaped our culture and behavior, with only mommas and bibles being of greater influence, and, so, this weekend we head out-of-doors to begin practicing the ancient southern ritual known as slowing down.

If it has not already, white wicker will abound on deep shady porches and gentlemen will take up residency beneath the canopy of a much beloved tree.

White linens will be rescued from the recesses of out-of-season closets, while ladies begin the search for the lightest of  perfumes and try their hand at a new up-do.

Babies are left to run barefoot and little ones dream of the old swimmin' hole and watermelon.

The countdown to seersucker season begins with units of time being measured by the stretches between glasses of iced tea.

Linen napkins becoming an iced tea necessity, preventing pearls of condensation from leaving rings on Momma's mahogany.

Mint has nearly overrun the garden so recipes are concocted  for every possible human endeavor...
mint in salads, mint sachets, mint baths, mint cookies, mint skin care, mint tea...luckily there is no end to it's uses!

Having seen uninterrupted action since Easter, our cut crystal deviled egg platter will not see mercy until Labor Day, insuring no child will go without their fill of this staple of the southern diet.

This weekend I will raise an American flag, lift up a prayer of thanks for our fallen soldiers, and remember my dear uncle, gone well before my time, but known through the lovely stories still shared by my momma.

Stories of a precious older brother taking the time to teach his baby sister to play marbles and how to make a kite from newspaper and homemade glue.

A young boy of 17 stepping up to become the man of the house upon his fathers death and  being drafted the day he turned 18.

The story of a young man laid to rest in a French cemetery so, so far away from home.

Stories that still  make Momma cry seventy years later.

"Let men not ask what the law requires, 
but give whatever freedom demands." 
~ Jefferson Davis

"Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, 
and cherishes it not only as precious, but as sacred.  
He is willing to risk his life in its defense 
and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it."
~ Andrew Jackson

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.  
This is the last stand on Earth."
~ Ronald Reagan

"Liberty and freedom and democracy are so very precious
 that you do not fight to win them once and then stop.  
You do not do that.  
Liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes that are awarded 
only to those people who fight to win them 
and then keep on fighting eternally to hold them." 
 ~ Sergeant Alvin York

"And freedom is what America means to the world."
~ Audie Murphy

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