Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Month of Sunday's

We trudged through the last days of the school year and I finally have time to write a post.  I must admit it feels as if I haven't been here for a whole month of Sunday's!  So, let's catch up...

~ I am now the proud mother of a college sophomore, a high school junior, and an 8th grader.  It was a long year, but we survived.

~ I was honored to be asked to create a large floral display for a fraternity houses parents weekend.  The young men were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed being a part of their celebration.

~ I got to spend the day handing out these lovelies here.

~ Drove three hours in bad storms to visit my parents and was rewarded with this view.

~ Spent some time in the town square of my hometown and took time to admire a statue I had not noticed before.

Celebrated Confederate Memorial Day at the Jefferson Davis Memorial.

Saw the flag John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry few during the Civil War...

and, enjoyed the view from the top of the monument.

Was humbled by these words...

"Kentucky, my own, my native land.
God grant that peace and plenty may ever run throughout your borders.
God grant that your sons and daughters may ever rise to 
illustrate the fame of their dead fathers
and that wherever the name Kentucky is mentioned,
every hand shall be lifted and every head bowed
for all that is grand, all that is glorious,
all that is virtuous,
all that is honorable and manly."
~Jefferson Davis, 
from address made while visiting his birthplace
November 1886

Enjoyed creating this arrangement for Pentecost and in memorial for my uncle who died during the Normandy invasion.

So, how is your summer vacation going so far?

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  1. You asked, "So how is your summer vacation going so far?" To that, I would have to answer, "Excellent." We had our 59th annual family reunion on Saturday, and that is always a highlight of the year. I wrote a blog post about it and added some photos here -


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