Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Hydrangea

I have always believed flowers grow bigger in the South.  Little can surpass the beauty of the hydrangea at the height of summer and I am always saddened when the cold winds start to blow.

Of course, we need not bid the lovely blooms farewell during the winter months; it is the perfect time of year to preserve your pretty hydrangeas.

We still have time to air-dry them, but if we wait another week or two a glycerin preservation will be impossible.

For the best success choose blooms with a little age on them, with their petals papery and dry. Remove all leaves and any damaged petal before preserving.  At a right angle, cut the stems twelve inches below the bloom, then, using a hammer, give the bottom inch a good smash.  While the last step may seem counterproductive in creating something beautiful, it is this damage that will allow the hydrangea to pull up the glycerin solution.

To make the glycerin solution, mix one part glycerin (plain, old drugstore glycerin) with two parts very hot water.  Allow the mixture to sit until slightly warm and then add the stems.  Your hydrangeas will be perfectly preserved in three to four weeks, with the petals being very pliable.

How lovely to have these lovely ladies to gaze upon during the dark days of winter.

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