Friday, October 9, 2015

The Southern Lady

A dear friend recently drew my attention to a specific Youtube channel that is supposed to exemplify Southern women.  While I understand that the channel is meant as comedy, I, also, know that far too many people truly believe all Southern women behave in such a way.

It simply breaks my heart to consider the modern idea of Southern womanhood.  The depictions on television and in movies are of graceless, foul-mouthed, unintelligent women, created by people who have (more than likely) never set foot in the South.

It is so, so disrespectful to true Southern ladies.  Unfortunately, far to many Southern women buy into this stereotype and not only support it, but mimic it.

As time goes by, my fear of fewer Southern girls being raised in the traditional ways, is being realized as they turn to this cheap version as a role model. They have no real understanding of the difference between a lady and a woman.

The true Southern lady is pious, modest, respectful, and dignified.  Her virtue and accomplishments bless the home.  Her intelligence and good taste is cultivated.  She bases her beauty on femininity.  She chooses her role-models based on the biblical version of womanhood.

It is my dear, dear wish that we restore the old virtues of the Southern lady and return our culture to what is great and true.

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  1. Among the prints that we have on display in our living room are "Southern Belle" (Erich Correns, 1850) and "Heart of the Southern Girl" (Henry Kidd, 1993). Both capture the spirit of the Southern Lady - but none quite the way that my Southern Belle wife does. May we never forget how much the Southern Lady has contributed to Southern culture and to life in general. Thank you for reminding us to never take that for granted.


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